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DomiNations Hack and Game Review

‘DomiNations’ is an extremely popular town building strategy game, which is developed and published by Nexon and Big Huge Games. The gameplay is exceedingly innovative as you get to witness the different stages of human evolution. In the game, you will begin in Dawn Age and can progress to Space Age by constantly bringing transformation. To progress faster our DomiNations Hack tool will help you a lot!

It is based on a Freemium model, which allows gamers to download and play the game for free while additional in-game items can be purchased. Lots of in-game items can be purchased with the help of game currencies. Below mentioned are some important in-game items and currencies, which are required to progress in the game.


Gold is a primary game currency, which can be used to construct different buildings in the game. Apart from constructing buildings, you can use Gold for conducting research in order to upgrade your existing set of buildings. There are multiple ways to gather Gold and the easiest method is by mining them from Gold Mines and Gold Reserve. This resource can easily be generated with DomiNations Hack .


Oil, Metal, and Food are the important resources, which are required to upgrade your buildings. Similar to Gold, these resources can be gathered easily. Oil can be extracted from Oil wells, Metal can be extracted from mines and Food can be gathered from trees, animals, and farm. You can also get these resources by plundering from other players or by playing different campaign missions or just by using Dominations Cheats.


Crowns are the premium in-game currency, which can be used to purchase special buildings. You can reduce the upgrade and construction time by using Crowns. It is difficult to earn Crowns in the game, as only a handful of Crowns are awarded to players on completion of certain achievements.

In order to beat other players in DomiNations game, you need to acquire good amount of game currency and resources. You can either purchase the required amount of game currency with real money or earn them slow and steady. A better alternative is to use DomiNations Hack for acquiring them in huge amounts. If you want to earn the game currencies by using the traditional method of gaming, then you can perform it better by following the below mentioned tips:

Trade Resources:

The Trade Centre is the most important building in the game, as it allows you to exchange your resources. Each civilization is abundant with one of the resources and has scarcity of the other. However, with the Trade Centre, you can easily trade your surplus of one resource for the other. Similar to Trade Centre, you can trade your surplus resources with members of your alliance.

Complete Achievements:

The game features an achievements page, which showcases the list of achievements that are near completion along with the rewards associated with them. You can complete these achievements in order to gain valuable resources in the form of Gold, Metal, Oil, and Food. In addition to this, you can also play different campaign missions to earn resources quickly.

Since the release of DomiNations in the year 2016, the game has gained tremendous popularity among users across the world. It is estimated to have been downloaded by millions of gamers from various cities. There are lots of features offered by the game that has contributed towards the popularity of the game. Listed below are some of them:

Play To Evolve:

The game gives players an opportunity to experience history and evolution of mankind from the very beginning. When you begin the game, you belong to the Dawn Age and you can later progress through the different stages of human evolution, which are Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Classical Age, Medieval Age, Gunpowder Age, Enlightenment Age, Industrial Age, Global Age, Atomic Age, Cold War Age, and Space Age.

Historical Characters:

As you progress through time, you will experience different stages of development of mankind. You will also get to witness historical characters. Moreover, you can interact with the greatest inventor Leonardo Da Vinci regarding the technological developments, and consult Cathrine, the Great regarding town planning. You can also take King Sejong's advice on matters related to your army and warfare.

Architectural Marvels:

You can build different architectural marvels; including the Wonders of the World in the game. You can construct various Wonders of the World as you keep progressing in the game. For instance; in Bronze Age, you can choose to build the Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, or Acropolis. In Classical Age, you can choose to construct Colosseum, Notre Dame, Forbidden City, etc.

Different Civilizations:

Once you reach the Bronze Age, you are given an option to choose a civilization from eight different categories. The different civilizations that you can choose are British, Chinese, French, Germans, Greeks, Japanese, Koreans, and Romans. Choosing a civilization is a crucial decision and needs to be made after lots of consideration as each civilization possesses different strength and has its own weakness. For instance; if you choose British, you can earn 15 percent extra loot bonuses while Chinese civilization provides you with an increased civilian and troop capacity.

Different Buildings:

The game will let you construct different buildings in your village or town. These buildings range from economy buildings such Houses, Mill, Storehouse, Temple, etc. and special buildings such as Alliance Gate, Gold Deposit, City centre, etc. You can also construct lots of defensive buildings such as Mortar, Garrison, Tower, Machine Gun, etc. in order to protect your town from enemy attacks. You can additionally construct different army buildings such as Airstrip, Barracks, Mercenary Camp, etc. where troops can be recruited and upgraded.

Vast Range Of Troops:

You can choose from a vast range of troops, which can assist you in PVP combat and campaign modes. Airstrip troops consist of Fighters, Bombers, and Transport while Barrack units comprise of Heavy Infantry, Ranged Infantry, Raiders, Heavy Cavalry, Ranged Siege, Wall Breacher, etc. You can choose from numerous options of Generals that are available such as Alexander, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, etc. in order to lead your army in the battle.

Single-Player Campaign:

The game features 56 diverse levels in five different epic campaigns. Each level consists of a map, where different offensive and defensive units are placed. You have to carefully plan and execute an attack in order to complete the level. You can earn good amount of Experience Points and resources by completing these campaigns. Each campaign mission is difficult as compared to the previous one, so you need to ensure that your troops are well-upgraded in order to beat it. 

Multiplayer Battles:

Once you reach Bronze Age, multiplayer battles are automatically unlocked in the game. In order to fight a multiplayer battle, you need to find an opponent with whom you want to fight. Fighting multiplayer battles is the best way to earn the game resources and level up in the game. Every time you win a battle, you are awarded with some medals and when you are defeated you lose your medals.

Teaming Up With Alliance Mode:

You can create an alliance and invite other players in order to join in or you can connect with an existing alliance. By joining an alliance, you can share troops among the members of your alliance. You can also chat with the members of your alliance and gain knowledge from the experienced players.

Studded with the above-mentioned features, DomiNations is one of the finest strategy warfare games on pocket platform. So, just use DomiNations Hack and experience the history of human kind all over again.